Alessandro Fraschetti

Residential Real Estate Professional in San Diego.

A fresh approach to residential real estate bringing to the table tried and true values & principles.

Alessandro positions himself first and foremost as a knowledgeable, trustworthy resource who loves to serve people. He provides value before, during and after the sale. Although much of his business comes in the form of referrals from past clients who’s trust he has earned, his future business hinges on the way he takes care of those he currently serves. He has an after-sale client appreciation program; in the event a client ever needs a plumber, electrician, roofer or other home-service provider, Alessandro is there by offering suggestions and advice as well as opening up his rolodex of trusted housing pros.

Alessandro prides himself on excellent customer service and by working exclusively in the residential real estate industry, specializing in assisting everyday people buy and sell homes. You won’t catch him selling mortgages, dabbling in commercial or practicing in any other real estate avenues. Alessandro is the epitome of a committed full time residential real estate agent devoted to his clients, his profession and the industry thru and thru.

Whether you’re thinking about buying or selling, please contact Alessandro at 760.402.4329